VICTORIA — Wednesday, June 18, 2008 — Smartsettle Infinity was demonstrated by Dr. Ernest Thiessen in a session chaired by Colin Rule of eBay at the 7th Annual International Forum on Online Dispute Resolution.

Dr. Thiessen presenting Infinity Simulation

Dr. Thiessen presenting

The context chosen was a negotiation among US Federal Advisory Committee members about criteria for detection and quantitation in Clean Water Act programs. The modeling and preference information was supplied by Bob Wheeler and Cole Gainer of Triangle Associates, who participated in the actual real-world case. Thiessen facilitated the simulation, Wheeler and Gainer played EPA, assisted by Paul Miniato and Colin Rule played Industry, assisted by Carissa Boynton. Miniato and Boynton are both Certified Smartsettle Facilitators.



Left to right: Bob Wheeler, Cole Gainer, Colin Rule, Ernest Thiessen, Carissa Boynton and Paul Miniato

The simulation uncovered substantial hidden value representing an average of 19% improvement within established bargaining ranges for each party over a pre-selected reference package. This result further validated the research upon which the development of Infinity was based. Further details are available in a report submitted for the Forum.