Smartsettle Training and Certification

We offer a number of training courses to introduce prospective users and facilitators to Smartsettle. Smartsettle training is designed to enhance your existing skills and qualifications in order to improve your ability to achieve fair and efficient resolution of real-life  negotiations. Successful completion of each training level will be recognized with a Smartsettle Training Certificate. A corresponding Smartsettle User licence is included with certain training courses. Explorer and Modeller licences may be purchased separately.

The following training map illustrates the two different tracks that we offer and how each of our training components fit into overall process. Start easy with Smartsettle ONE and graduate to Infinity. Once a trainee has completed Smartsettle Essentials and progressed to Infinity Negotiator s/he may proceed on one of two tracks (User or Facilitator) to become a Senior Facilitator or Infinity Master User. Some trainees will take both simultaneously.

The User Track focuses on the nuts and bolts of how Smartsettle works while the Facilitator Track focuses on the soft skills needed to guide negotiating parties through the Smartsettle process. You can click on the image to view a full-size version and then read below for further details on each training component.



Contact training at for information about registration. If you wish to register for the self-paced training program please apply for a beta testing or researcher license.

Smartsettle Essentials

Smartsettle Essentials is the place to start for beginners. You will learn about the Foundations of Smartsettle, the Fundamentals of eNegotiation, and the basics of Smartsettle Infinity…  more accreditation-seal

User track

In the User track you will learn how to achieve fair and efficient outcomes using the patented Smartsettle eNegotiation system.  Access the full power of this amazing tool… more! 

Facilitator track

In the Facilitator track you will learn to facilitate the Smartsettle process.  Empower yourself to guide your clients to outcomes that are even better than fair!  All Certified Facilitators will be listed on the Smartsettle website.  More people learning collaborative negotiation skilss will make the world a better place… more.



Smartsettle training is approved for Professional Development and Continuing Education