Online Dispute Resolution and Negotiation System

Online Negotiating

Thank you for your interest in the breakthrough eNegotiation technology, Smartsettle ONE. Smartsettle ONE is designed for two parties with simple negotiations that can be reduced to a single numerical issue. It features the latest in eNegotiation technology in a server-based system that is accessible using only a browser on a Mac, PC or Linux.

Distances are bridged and travel is reduced, making the system more convenient and eco-friendly than traditional methods. The system can also be used effectively in combination with face-to-face meetings.

Early-Intervention Process

Smartsettle’s early-intervention process makes it possible for disputants to take control and quickly reach a fair settlement out-of-court. Your time is valuable. If your case doesn’t interrupt your life and settles much sooner via Smartsettle, how much is that worth to you?

Watch either of the following videos for a quick introduction to Smartsettle ONE.

Following are explanations explaining the concepts behind these videos.

Asynchronous Progress

If negotiators are not able to meet at the same time due to conflicting schedules or limited availability, they can negotiate asynchronously. Parties can simply make their move, sign out and wait to be notified of the other party’s response.

Process Controls

Smartsettle negotiations are organized with sessions. Agreement is declared if there is an overlap of accepted values at the end of a session. If there is no agreement, the party that ends a session usually begins the next one. This tends to speed up the process if the negotiation would otherwise drag on over numerous sessions.

Visible Proposals / Secret Offers

Smartsettle uses a process called Visual Blind Bidding that enables negotiators to keep their preferences private but still see what they are negotiating. All proposals and suggestions are clearly visible for consideration. What is hidden is the acceptance of the other party. Parties can quickly indicate what they are willing to accept without concern about revealing their hand. A deal is declared at the end of a session if both parties have accepted at least one of the same values. The tedious negotiation dance that characterizes most ordinary negotiations is virtually eliminated.

Reward for Collaboration

If one party moves more quickly into the Zone of Potential Agreement, Smartsettle rewards that party if there is an overlap of accepted values at the end of a session. This encourages parties to negotiate in a professional manner, quickly accepting what is fair and equitable. View an illustration here which is based on an insurance case. Obviously, the best scenario is for both parties to be generous so that the negotiation is concluded quickly with one visit by each party. In that case, they are both rewarded with the savings represented by a quick settlement.

Final Session and Optional Expert Neutral Intervention

Final Session may be declared by either party. We recommend that parties talk directly with each other prior to concluding Final Session to be clear about what happens if no agreement is reached. It may be that simplifying the case to a single issue has prevented an agreement from being found. Smartsettle Infinity may be able to resolve the impasse. Another option is to use our Expert Neutral Deal-closer, which will guarantee an outcome. If no agreement is reached at the end of Final Session, parties may still settle the matter by agreeing to accept some intervention. If the gap is small, the system will simply close it for them by splitting the difference. Otherwise, Smartsettle favors the party whose last accepted value was closest to “fair”, as determined by the opinions of an Expert Neutral committee. Expert Neutral Deal-closer described in more detail here…

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