iCan Systems Inc. produces a range of products to enhance your decision-making skills and help you manage your people, your business and relationships with others. Our products and pricing are listed in the tables below.



Smartsettle Observer (Lite) For trainees, observers, & parties in online cases
Smartsettle Infinity Confirm that Smartsettle Infinity is easy to use with Smartsettle Observer. This edition of Smartsettle has all the features needed for evaluation but may not be used for commercial use except in an online case created and facilitated by a licensed user of Smartsettle Pro. Smartsettle Observer may be downloaded from this site and used in up to two commercial cases online without charge.
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Smartsettle Decider Stand-alone for individuals
Smartsettle Infinity Smartsettle Decider is a multivariate stand-alone support system. The LINGO Hyper optimizer is included for solving complex optimization problems for individuals. In negotiations, Decider can help you better understand the issues
and your own preferences and compare alternatives in complex situations.
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Smartsettle Negotiator For professional negotiators
Smartsettle Infinity Smartsettle Negotiator extends the power of the Decider to multilateral negotiations. As a stand-alone, you can simulate all the parties and develop strategies for negotiation. On the Smartsettle Network, in cases created with Smartsettle Pro, Negotiator puts you in secure real-time communication with other Negotiators and generates optimal solutions based on the preferences of any number of other parties located anywhere on the world-wide-web.
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Smartsettle Pro For facilitators
Smartsettle Infinity Smartsettle Pro is our flagship product, the ultimate tool for secure multi-party negotiations. The Pro version is designed for simultaneous facilitation of any number of cases in stand-alone mode or on the Smartsettle Network.
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The following tables show current pricing for Smartsettle products and services. Follow the links for more information to determine which product or service best suits your needs. Please contact us if you have a special need not addressed here or would like more information about any of our products or services.


Product Purpose Smartsettle Edition Annual Licence Fee
Observation & Training Lite $100
Decision Making Decider $100
Negotiation Negotiator $300 (plus course cost)
Facilitation Pro contact us for pricing
Multipurpose Site License All contact us for pricing
Updates All Free for one year


Professional Services Smartsettle Edition Online Training Courses
Purpose Fee (CDN$)  Become a skilled Smartsettle User or Facilitator
Technical Support $50/hour after first free hour per issue Please visit our store to view the training course offerings. Contact us if you wish to bundle your training. The standard discount is 5% on training bundles (up to 20%). This means that for each training item added to a bundle we will discount the total by 5% (for up to three added items).
Co-facilitation $80/hour
Lead Facilitation $200/hour
Complex Modeling $300/hour


Other Services

Fee (CDN$)

Case Setup on Server $100/case plus facilitator fees
Infinity Server Access $100/case/month
Clients may arrange for reduced rates if they agree to also pay a success fee. Each party pays a pre-arranged success fee proportional to case value or value delivered minus other costs such as server access and facilitator fees. To avoid bias, case value is based on differences rather than absolute value. Inquire about specifics for your situation.

Lingo Optimizer Options

Price (CDN$)

Constraints Nonlinear Variables
Included 4000 800
Inquire 16,000 3,200
Inquire unlimited unlimited