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Resolving conflict in a more peaceful, collaborative and intelligent way throughout the world.

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iCan Systems Inc. is the parent company responsible for research and development. Look here for more about iCan Systems Inc.

Smartsettle Resolutions Inc. is the marketing arm.

Peace Summit Technologies (VCC) Inc. is our investment vehicle. Contact any of the following directors for inquiries.

Ian Upright, President

Robert LaRoy, Director

Tracy Baker has been involved with Smartsettle since 2008, and has been a Director of Peace Summit Technologies (VCC) since 2014. He’s been employed in the marine industry for 35 years , and also participates in sales & marketing for us part-time. Tracy is passionate about spearheading various “Walk For Water” events in Africa , and has funded several water infrastructure projects there. He lives with his wife and kids part-time in Africa, and have a home and farm together there.

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