Smartsettle Focus Group

Negotiate Your Own Compensation
A Focus Group event featuring real-life cases was held at Cyberweek in October 2010. In return for ten minutes of the Focus Group Member’s time, Smartsettle donated a negotiated amount to Right To Play. The amount was negotiated using Smartsettle One. The event progressed through three stages:

Stage 1: Practice at the International eNegotiation Exhibition as many times as you want with a similar case against unknown counterparties.

Stage 2: When you are ready, negotiate your own real case. It will be similar to your practice case except that the amount that you negotiate will be donated in your honor.

Stage 3: Fill out a short questionnaire, and in return, Smartsettle makes a donation in your honour (but we keep your participation anonymous).

Average settlements between Oct 26 and Nov 9, 2010

Practice Cases ———— Real-life Cases

$30                                          $41


More about the Practice Stage

Before negotiating for real, participants can do as many practice as they like. Optionally, then may participate in a Smartsettle One competition at the same time and be recognized in the top standings. This is an opportunity for a hands-on encounter with the latest eNegotiation technology designed for simple single-issue cases. You will experience how Visual Blind Bidding and algorithms that reward early generosity and good negotiating behavior virtually eliminate the tedious negotiation dance that characterizes ordinary negotiations. The competition will give you practice for your real-life negotiation. Your practice case will be virtually identical to the real-life case except that your counterparty will be anonymous and you may be playing the other side. You are cautioned not to let the results of your practice bias you.

Case description: You have volunteered to take Smartsettle One for a test drive. You will negotiate the amount that Smartsettle will donate to your chosen beneficiary in return for at least ten minutes of your time filling out a questionnaire. You will have opportunity to describe your background and qualifications and also view the questionnaire before the negotiations. Smartsettle would be content to obtain feedback from a few dozen knowledgeable participants. If Smartsettle is overwhelmed with hundreds of participants, they will no doubt get stingy with the donation amount they are willing to settle for. A group of students have volunteered to act as arbitrators in cases that do not settle. Cases will be arbitrated only if both parties agree.
How the practice stage works (Read the rules in detail if you wish to participate in the competition):

  • Your negotiator role as Smartsettle CEO or Focus Group Member is assigned to you.
  • Anonymous counterparties are paired automatically.
  • Players visit their cases several times if they don’t settle in Session 1.
  • Each visit takes only a few minutes.
  • Each negotiator completes at least two negotiations to be eligible for scoring if they wish to be recognized in the Top Standings.
  • Players have fun negotiating as many cases as they wish.



  • Review this simulation to learn how Smartsettle One works and see how Smartsettle rewards generosity.
  • Remember that agreement is guaranteed if negotiators agree to the arbitration option in Final Session.
  • After you finish the competition, just say, “That was easy” and you’re ready for Smartsettle Infinity.

All are welcome.

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Development of Smartsettle One has been sponsored in part by the

National Research Council of Canada