Small Claims Court
A Public Demonstration for the BC Small Claims Court

Jan 22 – 29, 2009




Smartsettle One is an advanced negotiating tool with process controls and features designed to move simple cases through to settlement quickly and fairly. This demonstration provides a hands-on experience of the basic* negotiation functions. Upon completion, you will be asked to complete a questionnaire for the purposes of evaluating Smartsettle for application to the BC Small Claims Court.

  • Become fully trained by watching two short videos,
  • Create any number of cases and be automatically paired with anonymous opponents,
  • Visit each case for a few minutes several times during the competition,
  • Complete at least two negotiations to be eligible for scoring,
  • Negotiate as many cases as you like, and
  • At the end, just say, “That was easy” and you’re ready for Smartsettle Infinity.

All are welcome. For free admission enter “BC Court” as the sponsor code after you log in to your account.

Development of Smartsettle One has been sponsored in part by the

National Research Council of Canada

* Don’t hesitate to contact us today if you wish to learn more (e.g., commercial version features such as the Single Negotiating Framework template system and completion with PDF).