Once you have purchased your training you will be invited to register and participate in the International eNegotiation Exhibition, where Smartsettle training begins online. The User Track and the Facilitator Track both follow Negotiator Certification. Please inquire if you are interested in any of the following options.

Pay As You Go

You will pay full price for each course as you start, beginning with Smartsettle ONE.**

Pay By Package

Negotiator Combo

includes Smartsettle ONE, Infinity Beginner and Negotiator* at 10% discount.

Proficient User Combo

includes Negotiator Combo + Proficient User Course at 10% discount

Facilitator Combo

includes Negotiator Combo + Facilitator Course* at 10% discount

* role play simulations and live case experience will be made available as quickly as circumstances allow, based on availability and access.

** if you have already completed  Smartsettle ONE, please pay for the next level and then sign in to proceed with your training.


Minimum Requirements for Online Training

  • Ability to download a 50 MB setup file if no CD available
  • 400 MB free on your hard disk
  • Windows operating system (XP or more recent)
  • 64 MB RAM (or 32 with patience)
  • Computer and communication skills
  • Knowledge of basic negotiation theory
  • Simultaneous telephone & Internet access (for advanced training)