User certification is focused on training the learner to understand and use Smartsettle Infinity as either an end user or a technical support person.  An advanced Smartsettle Certified User will be able use Infinity as a negotiator either for their own purposes or for their employer’s purposes. Each level of certification requires the completion of the previous level.

Infinity Proficient

In training for this certification you will learn how to set up the Infinity software and become familiar with a range of applications by doing a number of advanced tutorials. You will also learn how to model simple cases as well as have the opportunity to learn how preference analysis and other key elements of the Infinity software work together to solve complex cases.

Completing this certification will give you a strong understanding of all the major functions and tools of Infinity and be helpful in managing your own negotiations or, as a facilitator, managing the negotiations of others.  Combined with a Facilitator Certification you will have a well-rounded skill set and be well-equipped to manage cases with occasional support from Lead Facilitators and/or Expert Users.

Infinity Expert

To become an Infinity Expert you will learn how to do complex modeling and preference analysis.  You will do this in the context of cases that you create from your own experience and context and one or more live cases as a practicum.

  • Complex modelling and preference analysis (10 hrs)
    • Setting up Even Swaps (see Tutorial T09)
    • Preference Analysis Options (see Preference Analysis in Ch 5 Tasks)
    • Satisfaction scaling mode (see Representing Preferences in Ch5 Tasks)
    • Using desired ratings in preference analysis (see Representing Preferences in Ch5 Tasks)
    • Desired vs Current Importance (see Advanced Preference Analysis in Ch5 Tasks)
    • Preference analysis to adjust satisfaction graph shapes (see Advanced Preference Analysis in Ch5 Tasks)
    • Private/shared constraints and formulas (see Constraints in Ch5 Tasks)
    • Make Feasible (see Constraints in Ch5 Tasks)
    • Fixed, Free & Calculated variables (see Constraints in Ch5 Tasks)
    • Interdependencies (see Interdependencies in Ch5 Tasks)
  • Development of a new simulation from the trainee’s own experience and context that demonstrates concepts learned (10 hrs)
  • Practical experience with final assessment by a Smartsettle Master
  • Earn Expert User Certification
  • Become qualified for Pro User License

 Infinity Master

Having become an expert user of Infinity, you are now ready to become a Master.  You will learn how apply what you have learned and provide leadership in complex live cases. Under the guidance of a Certified Master you will develop your skills in the live applications of Infinity.  Upon completion of this certification you will be able to set up and model complex live cases, support facilitators in all aspects of Infinity use, and provide technical support to other users.  Combined with Facilitator Certification you will be well-equipped to manage all technical aspects of live cases.

  • Modeling a complex problem and user preferences in one or more live cases (20 hrs)
  • Practical experience and final assessment by a Smartsettle Master
  • Earn Master User Certification


Please note that Smartsettle is continually evolving and reserves the right to make changes to any of its programs at any time without notice.

* Course duration times listed are estimates based on a moderate level of computer literacy. Actual time may vary depending on computer and communication skills, and knowledge of negotiation theory, etc. Inquire about approved credits for Professional Development or Continuing Education in your organization.