Smartsettle Facilitator certification is focused on equipping a person, with previously learned conflict resolution skills (basic expectations include intermediate levels of interpersonal/communications skills and interest based process skills), to support others in using the Infinity system.  A Certified Smartsettle Facilitator is eligible to be listed as a facilitator on the Smartsettle website and may use a licensed version of Infinity in their own context or work for Smartsettle on a case by case basis (based on availability, skill set and seniority).


Once you have received your Negotiator Certification you may participate as a co-facilitator in a simulation, or role play, in order to become more confident at guiding other users through the Infinity process. The goal of Facilitator training is to qualify trainees for co-facilitation of live cases. Trainees need to become comfortable with the basic functions of Smartsettle before beginning this Certification so that they are able to assist other trainees. A simulation may be set up to have you play on one or both sides. If on one side, the role may alternatively be set up as a Chief Negotiator working with other team members. Follow the posted checklist to play your Facilitator role. In order to be as efficient as possible, Smartsettle training program simulations are often done online. If you have to work with others that live in different time zones and have different schedules than you do, a simulation may take several weeks to complete. To prepare for the simulations, please review the guidelines for conduct.

  • Infinity Negotiator Certification (prerequisite to begin)
  • Intermediate conflict resolution training or experience (prerequisite to complete)
  • Participation in Smartsettle training simulations playing the role of a facilitator (10 – 45 hrs)
  • Earn Facilitator Certification

 Lead Facilitator 

With the goal of becoming a Lead Facilitator, you will participate as an observer in at least two live cases, with at least 20 hours of observation time.  You will be present either online or in person during these live cases. These cases may be arranged through the Smartsettle Resolution Centre, which was doing mostly Family separation cases at the time these materials were written. These cases will be made available to you as they become available at the Centre.  Once you have attained a high level of skill in both the facilitation process and have a good appreciation of the technical aspects of Infinity, a Lead Facilitator, upon request, will assess these skills and grant you Lead Facilitator Certification. Once your Lead Facilitator has signed off on your participation and confirmed your understanding of Infinity and the Smartsettle Process, you will be eligible to work on Smartsettle Resolution Centre cases under the guidance of a Lead Facilitator. Once you have achieved this level of certification you are able to lead cases at the Smartsettle Resolution Centre or in your own practice, with occasional and timely support of an Expert User.

  • Infinity Facilitator (prerequisite)
  • Co-facilitation in sufficient live cases (20 – 45 hrs)
  • Senior Facilitator affirmation of skills and abilities
  • Earn Lead Facilitator Certification

 Senior Facilitator 

The last step in becoming qualified as a full-fledged Senior Facilitator is to take the lead in at least two more live cases and assist in training others to be lead facilitators. Once you have attained sufficient skill to be able to train others without supervision, a Senior Facilitator, upon request, will assess these skills and grant you Senior Facilitator Certification.  With this level of certification you will be able to teach others to lead cases at the Smartsettle Resolution Centre or in your own practice.

  • Lead facilitation in sufficient live cases (20 – 30 hrs)
  • Training of others to be lead facilitators (20 – 30 hrs)
  • Senior Facilitator affirmation of Senior Facilitator skills and abilities
  • Earn Senior Facilitator Certification

Continuing Education

To maintain certification, facilitators will be required to practice what they’ve learned doing live cases and keep their training up to date as the Smartsettle training curriculum continues to evolve.

Smartsettle training is designed to enhance your existing skills and qualifications in order to improve your ability to facilitate the fair and efficient resolution of real-life negotiations. Successful completion of each training level will be recognized with a Smartsettle Training Certificate. For information about more advanced training, please contact training at Smartsettle. Please note that Smartsettle is continually evolving and reserves the right to make changes to any of its programs at any time without notice.

Course duration times listed are estimates based on a moderate level of computer literacy. Actual time may vary depending on computer and communication skills, and knowledge of negotiation theory, etc. Inquire about approved credits for Professional Development or Continuing Education in your organization.