Smartsettle Essentials are focused on training the learner to understand the potential of the Smartsettle eNegotiation products.


Smartsettle Foundations (2 hrs)

Smartsettle Foundations introduces new learners to Smartsettle. This information may be delivered as a Lunch n Learn Webinar, a module at the Exhibition, or an Educational Seminar customized according to the needs of the individuals or organization involved. The material for this course is described below.

Smartsettle is a process support system designed to simultaneously support any number of parties with conflicting objectives in formal negotiations. A collaborative process delivers better agreements in a timely manner using augmented intelligence residing at a secure neutral site. This emerging technology is the product of more than two decades of research and development. User Requirement Research across a wide range of disciplines has informed the development of this tool. This research grew out of a challenge put to Ernest Thiessen by his major advisor, Professor Emeritus Daniel Peter Loucks at Cornell University.

Part of the solution is an algorithm called “maximize the minimum gain” that enables negotiators to:

  • uncover hidden value (often 10% to 20% for each party),
  • minimize the need for compromise, and
  • solve impasse.

Harvard Professor Emeritus Howard Raiffa, “father of the field of negotiation analysis”, published a preference to Thiessen’s algorithm over the algorithm invented by Nobel Laureate John Nash.

Thiessen’s invention has been enhanced with a second algorithm called “Visual Blind Bidding” that compresses timelines to virtually eliminate the tedious negotiation dance characterized by ordinary negotiations. A simple application of Visual Blind Bidding, which includes a reward for collaborative behavior, has been implemented in a product called Smartsettle ONE. There are numerous related videos posted on our YouTube eNegotiation Channel.

A comprehensive interface has been built around both algorithms in a more powerful product called Smartsettle Infinity. Infinity is capable of handling a wide range of dispute types and complexities.

In case of no agreement in Final Session, parties can use our Expert Neutral Decider (described here for simple cases), which is a complementary process for determining the outcome with the assistance of one or more Expert Neutrals.

Once your instructor determines that you have a comfortable grasp of the above information, the next course is eNegotiation Fundamentals.


eNegotiation Fundamentals

Smartsettle ONE

This course teaches the fundamental concepts of eNegotiation with Smartsettle in the context of Smartsettle ONE. ONE is a simple implementation of Visual Blind Bidding (VBB) for a single numerical issue. VBB is Smartsettle’s proprietary algorithm that allows two parties to come to agreement on a single issue without the tedious negotiation dance that accompanies ordinary negotiations. ONE is a turn-key application from intake to the final agreement in the form of a printable PDF. In case of impasse, parties can still reach a settlement using a complementary algorithm called Expert Neutral Decider (END). Following are the components of the course.

  • Introduction to VBB and END (PowerPoint) (2 hrs)
  • Smartsettle ONE video (eCommerce example) ((1 hr)
  • Smartsettle ONE Exhibition events (1 hr)
  • Facilitation and Mediation of Smartsettle ONE cases (simulations as party and facilitator) (2 hrs)
  • Introduction to END (website example, simulation as party and simulation as facilitator) (2 hrs)

A comprehensive interface has been built around the two algorithms introduced in this course together with another powerful algorithm called Maximize the Minimum Gain (MMG).  This is our flagship product called Smartsettle Infinity, which is introduced in the next section of this course.

Smartsettle Infinity Introduction

Smartsettle Infinity is an eNegotiation system capable of handling a wide range of dispute types and complexities. As the world’s most advanced negotiation system, Smartsettle Infinity can do what human minds alone cannot – model the problem, manage preference information, and quickly optimize solutions. Infinity supports an unlimited number of quantitative or qualitative issues between any number of parties in any combination of real-time and asynchronous negotiations, whether face-to-face or over great distances, anywhere on Earth. Smartsettle Infinity introductory tutorials are available in your documentation after download and installation of the Infinity software. Completing the basic eight tutorials up to the review with the Pumpkin Case will qualify you to start the Negotiator course after passing the quiz, which is available as part of Infinity Training at the International eNegotiation Exhibition.

  • Introduction to Smartsettle Infinity (Pumpkin Case video) (1 hr)
  • Setup and orientation (1 hr)
  • Introductory tutorials (#1 through #8) (8 hrs)
  • Quiz passed (1 hr)


Infinity Negotiator

Once you have completed Infinity Introduction in the previous section you may participate as a party in a simulation or role play, in order to become more familiar with how Infinity works and to experience it in process.

  • Review of role play case materials (chosen by student and instructor)  (2 hrs)
  • Participation in Smartsettle training simulations playing the role of a party (8 hrs)
  • Earn Negotiator Certification
  • Become qualified for Negotiator User License

Smartsettle training program simulations are usually done online in order to efficiently accommodate trainees at a distance and give them a realistic experience. If you need to work with others that live in different time zones and have different schedules than you do, a simulation could take several weeks to complete. To prepare for the simulations, please review the guidelines for conduct. You will be tested on these guidelines later.

In Negotiator training, you will play the role of a party, negotiating online against one or more other role players. Most participants will complete this part of their training by participating in the International eNegotiation Exhibition. Some participants will need to participate in more than one simulation before they are ready to move on to the next level.

Whenever you are ready to start a simulation, either as a party or as a facilitator, please contact training at Smartsettle.