Following are brief instructions to help you quickly get Smartsettle up and running.  Please email support at if you experience any difficulties following these instructions.

Minimum Requirements: If you have not yet downloaded Smartsettle, you may wish to first check out the minimum requirements to confirm that Smartsettle can be comfortably installed on your computer.

Download Setup File: Download the Smartsettle client here.

Smartsettle Client Installation: Open the file that you downloaded and follow the installation instructions.

Initialize Encryption: Administrator privileges are needed to initialize the encryption routines. The first time you run Smartsettle, right-click on smartsettle.exe in the installation directory and choose “Run as administrator”.

Start Smartsettle: After initializing encryption as described above, you may simply choose Smartsettle from the list of programs under the Windows Start menu.

Software Registration: When you first start Smartsettle, a registration form will appear. You will receive a welcome message by email after sending the form.

Update: Smartsettle is continually being updated as new functionality is added. When you first start Smartsettle, you will be reminded to update if you are not on the latest build. To update, go online and then from the File menu, select Online Update. Read the descriptions and choose any desired updates.

Network Test: The status indicator at the lower left of the Smartsettle interface shows if you are offline or online. To check your ability to connect to the Smartsettle neutral site server, first get on the Internet the way you usually do. Then, from the File menu, choose “Go Online”. If the status display at the bottom left corner of the Shared Information window changes to “Online”, you have been successful. If not, here are some troubleshooting tips:

  • Can you browse the Internet? (e.g., with Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer). If not, then there might be something amiss with your Internet connection.
  • Is your firewall preventing you from going online? In the User Guide Chapter 2 (Getting Started) are instructions to configure Smartsettle for your firewall.
  • Sometimes restarting or re-installing Smartsettle or restarting your computer will fix something.
  • If all else fails, please email a description of your problem to support at

Start Using Smartsettle: The first time you open Smartsettle, you will see a grey screen with a menu across the top. The User Guide and tutorials can be found under the Help menu. If you wish more functionality, please enroll in our training program and become qualified as a Certified Smartsettle Facilitator. An alternative if you are a self-starter with lots of motivation is to become a beta tester first.

Set the font to match your screen resolution: Do this in Graphic View for best results. From the File menu choose Application Options. Click on Change Graphic Display Font.