Cyberweek 2012 was the “biggest and best ever“.

A wide range of products and services that are now validating Online Dispute Resolution as a new industry and preparing to change the way the world negotiates and resolves conflict.  On Day 1 Ernest Thiessen (Smartsettle Inventor & iCan CEO) and James Loewen (Smartsettle Family Resolutions CEO) enjoyed engaging with participants across the world while showing how eNegotiation can be applied in complex Family-related disputes. During the rest of the week, Derek Barber supervised nearly one hundred participants in a Smartsettle One competition that featured a Small Claims case. The settlement rate among completed cases was 89%. This compares well with earlier experiments and even some limited real-life cases. The top performers in the Smartsettle One competition and their comments have been posted here at the International eNegotiation Exhibition.

Although the Cyberweek competition is closed, the exhibition is ongoing. To participate create an account here at the International eNegotiation Exhibition and proceed to negotiate at least two cases with Smartsettle One. There are usually several different case types to choose from.  In the Small Claims Court scenario, you may choose to be either Claimant or Respondent. A robot will step in to play against you if no human is available.

More about the Smartsettle One Application to the Small Claims Court

Smartsettle One is being prepared for a Small Claims Pilot Project. This is a unique application that employs algorithms that reward collaboration and virtually eliminate the tedious negotiation dance that characterizes ordinary negotiations. The premise of Smartsettle One is that the negotiation can be boiled down to a single numerical issue. In most cases this means that the Claimant is willing to settle for a certain amount of money. Claimant and Respondent are first presented with a draft Framework for Agreement to which they may add statements or evidence. If there are any non-monetary issues, those must be resolved first. Once all the other issues have been resolved, Smartsettle One users use a process called Visual Blind Bidding to negotiate the remaining numerical issue.

Case description: Joe Respondent has rejected Mary Claimant’s demand for $10,000.

Competition description (your participation is optional)

How the simulation works (Please read the rules if you wish to participate in the competition):

  • Get trained – Watch this 4-minute video.
  • Choose the role of Claimant or Respondent.
  • Choose to play against a human or a robot.
  • Meet a robot if no humans are available.
  • Be automatically paired with an anonymous counterparty.
  • Visit each case several times if it doesn’t settle in Session 1.
  • Spend only a few minutes on each visit.
  • Complete at least two negotiations to be eligible for scoring if you wish to be recognized in the Top Standings.
  • Have fun negotiating as many cases as you wish.
  • Agree to Smartsettle’s Expert Neutral Deal-closer in Final Session if you wish a guaranteed agreement.
  • After you finish the competition, just say, “That was easy” and you’re ready for Smartsettle Infinity.

All are welcome.

For more information contact us today.

Development of Smartsettle One has been sponsored in part by the

National Research Council of Canada