June 12, 2008 — David Bilinsky of the Canadian Bar Association has important words for lawyers everywhere to consider regarding Online Dispute Resolution.

His article today reads, “In your humble scribe’s opinion, lawyers are at a crossroads. If they adopt ODR as part of their arsenal of tools to be used to resolve disputes and immerse themselves into the development of ODR, they stand a fair chance of being involved in the growth of the ODR process.  However, if they choose to stand apart and allow the development of ODR in a manner that does not involve the use of lawyers, then they will witness the creation of an entirely different  but parallel system for the resolution of disputes. Those who have disputes to settle will face a choice: the use of the courts and lawyers (with the attendant delays, costs and uncertainty of litigation) or the use of ODR (which potentially offers speedy and inexpensive dispute resolution that allows the claimant to help craft the eventual resolution).

I see it as vitally important for lawyers to be present at the development of ODR to ensure that their thoughts, contributions and ideas are included in the future growth of ODR.”

Read the full story featuring Smartsettle on Bilinsky’s website