Vancouver – February 16, 2011 – Smartsettle Infinity was put to the test with two separate multi-party simulations for students of Creighton University’s Masters in Negotiation and Dispute Resolution. 

The simulations were facilitated by Smartsettle president and founder, Ernest Thiessen in response to a request from Professor Daniel Rainey.  The simulations which were conducted utilizing WebEx saw about twenty students participating.

Presenting for Smartsettle along with Dr. Thiessen was certified Smartsettle facilitator, experienced technologist and iCan staffer Paul Miniato.

One participant summarized in her own words the benefits of using Smartsettle Infinity:

  • The ability to make anonymous suggestions.
  • The ability to be absolutely open about one’s preferences, and to directly pursue one’s interest without tipping one’s hand.
  • One of Smartsettle Infinity’s undeniable value is that it forces clarification. Parties see what it is costing them to attach a particular postion.

One participant said “The ability afforded to parties to change the relative importance of various positions as the negotiations proceed – this is very true to life – we think we know what we want, but then it doesn’t feel quite right. Smartsettle gives participants an opportunity to privately figure it out and change your mind at any time before a final agreement.  You’re never “locked in”.

Another participant highlighted Smartsettle Infinity’s flexibility to change or add negotiation items throughout the process stating “As conflict conversations evolve, other issues are discovered and the ones first defined may not be as critical when you start “peeling the onion”.  The allowance of additional negotiated items also allows for more creative problem solving.”

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