Ernest Thiessen with dignitaries at Group Decision and Negotiation Conference 2016 / Standing from left: Margaret (Greta) Kersten, Keith Hipel, Deepinder Bajwa, Gregory Kersten, Ernest Thiessen / Seated from left: Sabine Köszegi, Rudolf Vetschera, Stefan Einarson

In late June, iCan Systems Inc. founder Dr. Ernest Thiessen and colleague Peter Holt presented at the 16th International Group Decision and Negotiation Conference held at Western Washington University, USA.

The presentation employed a simulation adapted from a case study developed by the presenters. The simulation showed the audience how Smartsettle Infinity could promote collaboration and help Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and Michael Bloomberg form a coalition and present a unified front to defeat their opponent Donald Trump. At the request of the conference organizers, the presentation was repeated during the conference to make it possible for nearly all attendees to see the demonstration. This was a great indication of the level of interest the presentation had generated.

It wasn’t all hard work for Ernest and Peter though – the following keynote speakers:

  • Michael Ambühl:  Negotiation Engineering in Diplomacy,
  • Tung Bui: Group Decision and Negotiation in Non-Binding Virtual Communities and
  • William Samuelson: Negotiation Insights using Game Theory and Experiments

all gave very informative presentations. The conference concluded with an awards dinner where the GDN Section Award Winner, Fran Ackermann from Curtin University was regognized. Characterizing the entire conference, the dinner was a wonderfully social event and enjoyed by all.