VANCOUVER — Thursday, July 10, 2008 — On the eve of Apple’s momentous iPhone introduction to Canada, BC-based Smartsettle announces that its breakthrough eNegotiation system Smartsettle One will soon be compatible with the world’s hottest mobile Internet and telephony device.

Smartsettle One is a state-of-the-art webapp optimized for early intervention in negotiation and conflict resolution of cases with single monetary issues. This dynamic system is sophisticated enough for high-level negotiations, yet simple enough for the masses (even a 9-year old can quickly master it).

Smartsettle One Cases Panel

The iPhone is seen as an ideal mobile platform to utilize Smartsettle technology, as the year-old device has attracted the necessary development and community support to rise above its smartphone peers and enjoy the highest satisfaction rate in the industry. It is also soon to be available in 70 countries.

The combined iPhone/Smartsettle user interface will ensure straightforward and intuitive usability necessary for the myriad targeted uses Smartsettle lists, including small claims cases, insurance claim settlements, tenancy disputes and any scenario where parties find themselves negotiating on a single issue or point of contention, with the most common of these variables being financial net settlement.

Smartsettle One Negotiation Panel

In more complex situations, cases can be easily migrated to Smartsettle Infinity. Infinity can solve impasses and produce optimal outcomes that uncover hidden value in negotiations between any number of parties in conflict over any number of quantitative or qualitative issues.

At the recent 2008 Forum on Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) in Victoria, several speakers posited the ubiquitous availability of wireless platforms in developing nations  —  despite a near complete lack of landlines in many regions — will make mobile ODR and eNegotiation a logical next step for many that are desperately in need of such solutions. Smartsettle One is ideally positioned to be the stepping stone towards meeting future mobile eNegotiation needs around the world.

Images above are of Smartsettle One, loaded into the iPhone interface. The first image is the Cases Panel; the second is the negotiation panel showing an example settlement of an Insurance claim in the amount of $140,000.