The Smartsettle eNegotiation System was one of four online dispute resolution platforms featured at the 2014 Online Dispute Resolution Forum . The forum was hosted by Hastings University in San Francisco on June 25 and by Stanford University in the Silicon Valley of California on June 26 and 27.


Dispute Resolution Program Consultant Alan Wiener, formerly with the Judicial Council of California, is flanked on the left by Ernest Thiessen, inventor of Smartsettle and on the right by Colin Rule, inventor of Modria. Smartsettle and Modria were featured at ODR 2014 as two of the most prominent commercial online dispute resolution platforms along with Youstice and Pactanda.

This conference brought together the technology and dispute resolution communities, legal practitioners, mediators and other ADR professionals, academic researchers, financial institutions, eCommerce companies and social media companies, members of judiciaries worldwide, and social justice advocates using innovative technologies to leverage change. ODR2014 was the thirteenth international ODR Forum and the first to be held in the United States.  The conference wrap up speech was given by Ethan Katsh. Ethan Katsh and Janet Rifkin gave birth to “Online Dispute Resolution” by coining that term in the first book about ODR: Online Dispute Resolution: Resolving Conflicts in Cyberspace (2001).