The launch of the International Journal of Online Dispute Resolution was announced at the International Forum on Online Dispute Resolution in Montreal held in June 2013. This new online journal is the first international journal dedicated to online dispute resolution (ODR).  It will present current initiatives and developments in the field of online negotiation, mediation and arbitration, as well as best practices and opportunities. The Journal will publish original and peer reviewed papers, reports, case studies and notes, book reviews, and commentaries. Featured in the journal will be new ways of settling disputes, and new opportunities for practitioners to diversify and broaden their practice. The Journal will explore all approaches to technology-assisted dispute resolution, including online arbitration, a field of growing importance in the commercial context, both at the national and international level. The topics covered by the Journal will range from national and cross-border ODR systems aimed at streamlining and improving legal and alternative processes in developed countries, to mediation of conflicts in the poorest or most violent parts of the world.

Editors-in-Chief are Daniel Rainey, Mohamed Abdel Wahab and Ethan Katsh. The Journal will be published online and in print by Eleven International Publishing, which last year also published the award winning book, Online Dispute Resolution: Theory and Practice.

Smartsettle eNegotiation Systems founder, Dr. Ernest Thiessen, has been invited to join the editorial board and will be asked to review articles and review articles, shorter essays, reviews, and dialogues. Dr. Thiessen is renowned for his work in creating  a comprehensive online negotiation system practical for disputes ranging from simple debt resolution to family conflict to international water treaties.