When married couples need to separate, the process of untangling their life together can be daunting. Often a bad situation gets even worse. One of the tools provided by the BC government is Form F8. This is the official financial statement that is required from separating couples by the BC Supreme Court. Form F8 tells a judge about the couple’s finances to help decide about support or division of assets. Learn more from the BC Legal Services Society.

Even if the parties don’t go to court, their lawyers will often ask them to fill out the form as a routine part of the process of taking an inventory of their assets and liabilities and documenting their income situation. The results of this inventory can help determine child and spousal support as well as be a basis for division of assets.  In the interests of full disclosure, some mediators also require parties to produce a Form F8 prior to the commencement of negotiation of financial issues.

Now Smartsettle Family Resolutions Inc. has taken much of the mystery out of that daunting task with an easy step-by-step process that quickly produces a downloadable PDF.  If you need a Form F8 you can get started right away. If you discover that you are missing some information, you can simply save your work and continue later. This service is completely free if you do it yourself.  If you would like assistance in crafting your agreement, a Family Dispute Resolution Professional from Smartsettle Family Resolutions can work with your lawyer in a non-adversarial process. If all parties agree to collaborate, Smartsettle Family Resolutions can also offer the parties an alternative process using the Smartsettle negotiation process support system. Smartsettle facilitators work with separating parties to model their problem and produce the most satisfactory outcome for themselves and their children.