(completed during December 2011)

Participants of this pilot project followed these seven easy steps:

1. Watch a 3-minute video to learn how Smartsettle One works (Debt Resolution or Small Claims (being updated)).
2. "Join Today" at the International eNegotiation Exhibition.
3. Hone your negotiation skills with at least one practice case.
4. Negotiate the price of your own real beautiful Christmas tree.
5. Print your final agreement with all the details, including driving directions.
6. Call Gregory Huebner to arrange for pick up at the farm in Mission.
7. Pick up yourChristmas tree between Dec 3 - Dec 18.

Out of fifteen negotations, ten trees were sold with a median price of $31.  One of these was arbitrated using Dampened Pendulum Arbitration. Five other negotiations were abandoned, two with parties that were too far away from the farm, and the other three apparently when the the time got too close to Christmas. 

Sponsored by Smartsettle, Snow Dog’s Christmas Tree Farm and

House of James to benefit needy families in the community.

For each tree sold, Smartsettle donated $5 to the Abbotsford Food Bank.

* This was a pilot project in which we tested a process that would be used for much more subtantial negotiations than the negotiation of a Christmas tree.