With a little practice first, anyone can resolve their single numerical issue two-party negotiation by themselves online. A friendly wizard will guide you smoothly through the entire process and send you a link to the  final binding agreement after your negotiation reaches a satisfactory conclusion. It’s quick and painless. The only cost right now is a 4% transaction fee if you use the convenient payment tool at the end of the process. If you would like a facilitator, we would be glad to provide one for a small additional fee.

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Small ClaimsWhether it’s a friendly negotiation that would benefit from neutral intervention or a more difficult one that is waiting for a court hearing still months or years away – you can literally settle it today. If it’s a little more complex situation that would be better resolve with a payment plan, we have a template for that too. If the negotiation turns out to be more complex, you can always migrate it to Smartsettle Infinity.

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