XIII. Supplier’s Viewpoint – Suggestions


Although Suggestions from SmartSettle can be introduced any time during the negotiation process, it is preferable to wait until parties have exchanged some conventional proposals and have had a chance to fine-tune their preference representations. In this case, five Suggestions were introduced after parties had each made three proposals, followed by another concession from each party. Remember that published packages are numbered chronologically, so that Suggestion 7 follows Supplier 6. The following list shows these packages in order of preference relative to the Prior Contract.


Supplier’s Satisfaction Rating Package
119 Supplier 2
116 Supplier 4
87 Supplier 6
82 Suggestion 10
82 Supplier 13
78 Suggestion 9
68 Suggestion 7
68 Prior Contract
59 Suggestion 8
54 Suggestion 11
50 Buyer 12
3 Buyer 5
-11 Buyer 3
-23 Buyer 1


According to Supplier’s preferences, compared to the Prior Contract rated at 68, three of the Suggestions generated by SmartSettle would be acceptable to Supplier. None of the proposals made by Buyer would be acceptable.

Following are screen shots for each of the 5 Suggestions. Here is Suggestion 7.

Here is Suggestion 8.

Here is Suggestion 9.

Here is Suggestion 10. According to the list at the top of the page, among the five Suggestions generated by SmartSettle, this one is the best. Supplier is strongly considering accepting this Suggestion.

Here is Suggestion 11.

Here are the last proposals made by each party, Buyer 12 in green and Supplier 13 in Blue.