Workplace Dispute Resolution with Multivariate Blind Bidding

This presentation is adapted from a simulation in 2001 played by the following people. The negotiation has been replayed with the updated Smartsettle sessions build. The parties use a streamlined process to reach an outcome similar to that achieved previously.  Resolving Impasse

Keith A. Schulner, M.B.A., M.D.R., Esq.


Agency Representative*
Dan Burnstein, Esq.


iCan, the maker of Smartsettle


Smartsettle Co-facilitator
Jan Fontaine, Mediator
Vancouver, British Columbia

I. Introduction

This workplace dispute simulation of the hypothetical Smith vs Lawrence case involves a federal agency employee who complains to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission about discrimination. The case was negotiated live during ADR Cyberweek 2001 by a class of law students of Professor Janis Sarra in the Faculty of Law at the University of British Columbia. Since there was insufficient time to complete the simulation during ADR Cyberweek, other players, as identified above, were recruited to complete the exercise.