V. Maximize Benefits


Facilitator: Now that we have reached a Baseline solution, we can search for additional benefits by generating an improvement.

(The process of generating improvements went through an earlier iteration not recorded here. The suggestion first made by Smartsettle was not accepted by all parties due to imprecise representations of preferences. Following is the result obtained after fine-tuning of preferences.)

Figure 10 Improvement
Smartsettle has been successful in finding an improvement for parties that were already satisfied with their Baseline solution. Because parties each have different valuations of the various issues, Smartsettle is able to adjust issue values in such a way to produce an improvement for both parties. In Syria’s case, the improvement is worth $2833 million, which is an improvement of $200 million compared to the Baseline agreement.

Facilitator: A new package has been generated for your consideration. According to your stated preferences, this package should be more satisfactory than the existing Baseline agreement.