(The places referred to in this simulation created for ADR Cyberweek are real. However, the peripheral links on this site that point to related places are provided for the sole purpose of giving an interesting context to the simulation. None of the participants of this simulation have any association with any of these sites and neither are they meant as an endorsement of any controversial points of view that may be expressed or implied on any site.)

Optional Park Sites in the Golan Heights

Kunitra or Kunetra: (Al Quneitra in arabic) (altitude 900 meters) Kunitra is located north-east of Katsrin on the east side of the Golan. There is a large available area just east of Kunitra that would be ideal for the park and relatively inexpensive to acquire. Kunitra is about 100 kilometers south of Damascas. The name of this proposed location means “bridge”. Some proponents of this site have made reference to this, saying that this project is like bridging the gap.

Djobta El Hitshab: Djobta el Hitshab is located at 25 kilometers north of Kunitra, south-east of Mount Hermon. This area is already populated with many people of the Druze faith. . The preliminary feasibility study has determined this would be the most costly site for construction because of the necessity of compensating the current inhabitants.

Katzrin (or Qazrin) (altitude 300 meters) is an urbanized center on the west side of the Golan.

Train Line Options

Haifa (cost estimate: $US 100 million)

Haifa is the largest city on the northwest coast of Israel. The proposed train line linking Haifa and the proposed park in the Golan Heights would be about 100 kilometers long.

Beirut (cost estimate: $US 120 million)

Beirut is situated in Lebanon on the west coast, about 90 kilometers north of the border with Israel. This port has been proposed as an important node in the train network that would facilitate travel to the proposed MidPeace Dysnay Park in the Golan Heights. The train line linking Beruit with the park would be about 130 kilometers. This link would make it very easy for tourists from many locations (e.g., Greece, Turkey, Cyprus, etc.) to spend their vacation in the park.

Aleppo (cost estimate: $US 150 million)

Aleppo is located in Northern Syria. The proposed train line would extend the line from Damascus to Aleppo through various other cities along the way, including Baalbak and El-kaa, which are located in Lebanon.

Damascus (cost estimate: $US 50 million)

Damascus is the capital of Syria. A train link to Damascus would enable a large portion of the population of Syria to be able to easily travel to the park.

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