V. Labor Viewpoint – Walkaway Analysis

When parties seem not to be making quick progress toward a solution, a Smartsettle Facilitator will suggest that they do a confidential walkaway analysis. Parties may want to seek advice from professional counsel at this time. In this simulation, walkaway packages were assigned to the parties.

The gray package displayed below is the walkaway package, representing the minimum level of satisfaction that Labor must achieve. Walkaway level should not be confused with bottom line, which is a term used in single-issue negotiations. For example, a class size of 26 as part of this walkaway package is not a bottom line for that issue. Labor might be quite happy to agree to a class size of more than 26 together with more satisfying outcomes on other issues.

The Walkaway Package has been normalized to be worth 0 Satisfaction points; agreeing to any package with a lower rating would be unacceptable according to the rules of the simulation. Only those packages with ratings above the Walkaway would be acceptable outcomes.

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