IV. Labor Viewpoint – Preferences

Here you see the negotiating ranges for each of the issues. The number you see beside the issue name is the relative importance of that issue when the negotiating range and the importance of the other issues are taken into consideration.

Satisfaction graphs were developed for each issue. The Class Size satisfaction graph, below, shows that as the size limit increases, Labor becomes increasingly dissatisfied. For example, the satisfaction lost moving from 25 to 26 would be greater than the satisfaction lost moving from 17 to 18.

The discussion around the Metal Detectors issue was particularly interesting. As a result of the discussion in the Joint Sessions, the options were expanded from (all, none) to (all, ad hoc, none). Prior to this change, Labor had a very strong preference for ‘all’. After the change, Labor decided that the ‘ad hoc’ was even better than ‘all’, as illustrated in the following screenshot.

Switch to Management view to see Management’s private response to the change in definition of the Metal Detectors issue.