One to InfinitySmartsettle is applicable to virtually any situation where there are multiple decision makers with conflicting objectives. Smartsettle’s primary function is to support decision makers, whether individually, in groups or on opposing teams. Smartsettle’s products are designed to be able to help with any conflict, no matter how big or small.

Two-Party, Single-Issue: If you are new to Smartsettle, you may wish to start by using Smartsettle ONE to resolve a two-party, single-issue case. This is the simplest way to use Smartsettle.

Individual Decision Making: When you are ready to go beyond a single issue, you may wish to start applying Smartsettle Infinity to your own individual decision-making problems. You will become familiar with the way in which Smartsettle can represent your preferences and can help you choose between alternatives. If your decision makingproblem is constrained by a complex set of relationships between decision variables, Infinity’s powerful optimization engine can generate a solution that will maximize the values defined by your objectives.

Negotiation: When Smartsettle infinity is used online by negotiators, they connect to an invisible neutral site that manages their private information. By combining problem models and preferences, Infinity is able to help any number of negotiators in the same way that it can help individuals. Private information is kept confidential by a secure neutral site. Each party’s private information is accessible only to those with their access codes.

Facilitation: Smartsettle Infinity is a very sophisticated product, capable of handling the most complex multiparty problems. Unless you have prior experience and training, you are required to engage a certified Smartsettle facilitator. Your facilitator will help you model the problem and represent your preferences in a way that enables you to take maximum advantage of Infinity’s powerful optimization algorithms. Your facilitator is trained to leave you in control of the process and only intervene according to your wishes. Parties usually engage
their own private facilitator in large cases with sensitive confidential information. In smaller cases, it is more efficient to engage a single facilitator to assist all parties.

Mediation: Since Smartsettle Infinity knows the preferences of both sides, it literally acts as a mediator in the negotiation process by making suggestions that are better than compromises parties may think of themselves. A human mediator in the process is optional but still may be very valuable where diplomacy is needed. A human mediator would not necessarily have access to the private preferences of each party.

Arbitration: If a solution exists, collaborating negotiators using Infinity and assisted by a skilled facilitator should be able to find it by themselves. If different perceptions about fairness seem to be preventing a quick resolution, arbitration can be part of the Infinity process. If parties agree in advance that the arbitrator can only choose one of the last two proposals (or accepted Smartsettle Infinity suggestions), a solution before the deadline is even more likely. If a solution is determined by arbitration by whatever method, Infinity can still be used to optimize to insure that outcome is efficient.