Mediation1 has come a long way, but objections are still commonplace:
  • I can’t be sure that a mediator is really neutral.
  • I wouldn’t trust a mediator with my confidential information.
  • No mediator is smart enough to understand our problem and make useful suggestions.

Smartsettle is powered by sophisticated optimization algorithms at a neutral site that securely manages confidential data without human intervention. Smartsettle quickly becomes the ultimate unbiased intelligent mediator once it learns how all parties become satisfied.2 mediator

Certified facilitators are available to help you train Smartsettle according to your specific preferences. Suggestions made by Smartsettle are completely neutral, based only on information that you provide. You remain in control of a process that soon produces an outcome that is not only fair4 but surprisingly more valuable than you could achieve by other means.

The best time to choose Smartsettle is at the beginning, while the parties are still collaborating, although Smartsettle also works brilliantly for high conflict disputes. Adversarial approaches are stressful and costly and simply don’t work well. Practical applications, even among those that are prone to violence, are proving the predictions of theoretical research. Smartsettle is a tool that can work for peace. Try it yourself. Seeing is believing.



1 Taking some kind and constructive criticism to heart, the title of this article has been modified. As Sanjana Hattotuwa has well pointed out; “There is nothing perfect in this world” and of course, we all know that good software is never finished.

2 Smartsettle offers a range of products from One to Infinity that can handle both simple and complex situations. Our newest edition, Smartsettle ONE, is a very smart webapp optimized for single-issue cases. If your problem is more complex, our Windows3 client Smartsettle Infinity is now more powerful than ever. Whether you have a simple dispute over the amount of an insurance claim or a complex international peace negotiation, Smartsettle is designed to virtually eliminate the tedious negotiation dance and put parties in control of a process that produces fair and efficient solutions. In simple disputes, Smartsettle obviates the need for human intervention. In low value disputes, human intervention may simply not be cost effective. However, in high-value situations, especially in complex cases, Smartsettle is definitely not a replacement for the myriad of human interactions vital to the progress of conflict transformation. Smartsettle is really only as smart as the people that are using it. Garbage In, Garbage Out (GIGO) is still the rule with computers. Consider Smartsettle as a skilled facilitator’s tool that replaces some of the functions of a mediator. The central server provides neutrality and security in its treatment of confidential data and it has the power to number crunch and rapidly generate suggestions that is far beyond the capability of any human being.

3 Some of you have been asking, “Why can’t I use Infinity in a browser too?” Unfortunately, the kind of power behind Smartsettle Infinity just isn’t easy to make available in a webapp. Someday we’ll get there. Smartsettle doesn’t run on Linux yet either, but it does run quite well on some of our new Macs running Microsoft Windows on Parallels or Fusion.

4 We agree that technology isn’t neutral by default. Smartsettle might not be either, but it does not impose any notion of “fair” on the negotiators. The negotiators define that for themselves by indicating what they are willing to accept. Admittedly, in a world where power imbalance is the norm, the underdogs may never really achieve fair, but it’s certainly a lot better than the alternative of violence and destruction where everyone loses. If anything, Smartsettle tends to level the playing field. Most people would argue that that is a good thing. Smartsettle does have a built-in algorithm with which it makes suggestions for fairly dividing hidden value. However, parties are not obligated to accept any suggestion generated by Smartsettle and are free to add their own suggestions to the mix.