Smartsettle ONE Competitions

Smartsettle ONE competitions are an opportunity for a live encounter with the latest eNegotiation technology designed for simple single-issue cases. Experience first-hand how Visual Blind Bidding and algorithms that reward early generosity and good negotiating behavior virtually eliminate the tedious negotiation dance that characterizes ordinary negotiations.


How the competition works (Read the rules in detail):

  • Your negotiator role is assigned to you.
  • Anonymous counterparties are paired automatically.
  • Players visit their cases several times during the competition.
  • Each visit takes only a few minutes.
  • Each negotiator completes at least two negotiations to be eligible for scoring.
  • Players have fun negotiating as many cases as they wish.


  • Review this simulation to learn how Smartsettle ONE works and see how Smartsettle rewards generosity.
  • Remember that agreement is guaranteed if negotiators agree to the arbitration option in Final Session.
  • After you finish the competition, just say, “That was easy” and you’re ready for Smartsettle Infinity.

All are welcome. For more information contact us today.

Development of Smartsettle ONE has been sponsored in part by the

National Research Council of Canada