eNegotiation Fundamentals

This online course  introduces eNegotiation as alternative dispute resolution. Trainees are introduced to Visual Blind Bidding in a Smartsettle ONE competition at the International eNegotiation Exhibition. They then spend up to ten hours learning the basics of Smartsettle Infinity by completing several introductory tutorials in their own time.  Completion of these tutorials will be documented upon completion of a quiz and a Certificate of completion will be issued.

This course is designed to introduce participants to the cutting edge world of eNegotiation and software-assisted problem solving.  Those who complete this course are eligible to participate in the next step of training, which involves an online simulation using Smartsettle’s Infinity eNegotiation software.

Infinity Negotiator

This course moves beyond Level I into a simulated role play. You spend up to ten hours in an online simulated negotiation with Smartsettle Infinity. This is done within the same online training tool eNegotiation Exhibition. Trainees can join any time and are given three weeks to complete their negotiation.

This course is designed to teach participants the benefits of using eNegotiation software to support collaboration among decision makers with conflicting objectives. Various contexts are available to choose from, including insurance settlement, labour management negotiations, supply agreements, family conflict resolution, and environmental resources.