Before starting simulations, you should have finished (or nearly finished) prescribed tutorials.

In order to be as realistic as possible, Smartsettle training program simulations are done online. If you have to work with others that live in different time zones and have different schedules than you do, a simulation may take several weeks to complete. To prepare for the simulations, please review the guidelines for conduct. You will be tested on these guidelines later.

Party Role Play: In Level III training, you will play the role of a party, negotiating online against one or more other role players. Most participants will complete this part of their training by participating in the International eNegotiation Exhibition as described here. Some participants will need to participate in more than one simulation before they are ready to move on to Level III. If the exhibition schedule is not convenient, or challenging enough, other arrangements can be made.

Facilitator Role Play: The goal of Level IV training is to qualify trainees for co-facilitation of real cases. Trainees need to become comfortable with the basic functions of Smartsettle before beginning this Level so that they are able to assist other trainees. The simulation may be set up to have you play on one or both sides. If on one side, the role may alternatively be set up as a Chief Negotiator working with other team members. Follow the posted checklist to play your Facilitator role.

Whenever you are ready to start a simulation, either as a party or as a facilitator, please contact training at Smartsettle.