Emotions are a very real and important part of the negotiation process.  Unfortunately, conflict often brings out the worst in us.  The Smartsettle process helps to minimize the negative aspects of conflict by separating people from the problem.  Parties are required to clearly define areas of conflict and focus on unresolved issues. Subjective, qualitative or optioned issues take more time to define than objective, quantitative or numerical issues but can generally be represented as yes/no or with a number of options.  Smartsettle can consider anything that parties would value documenting in a final solution produced by the negotiation process.  Parties do not need to explicitly quantify subjective issues.  The only requirement is to be able to identify preferred packages among alternatives.  Smartsettle can then elicit all the information it needs.  Comprehensive satisfaction functions to represent party preferences are created implicitly behind the scenes with a powerful equivalent alternative analysis.

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