Conventional negotiations suffer from three serious problems. They are often adversarial, time is wasted with a tedious negotiation dance, and value is left on the table. Our objective is to put you in control of a collaborative process that will save time and money and preserve relationships. Smartsettle is the only secure negotiation support system using sophisticated optimization algorithms to help you choose a fair and efficient solution.

Following are some of Smartsettle’s advantages:

  • faster settlement
  • ideal for early intervention
  • preference analysis and optimization providing increased satisfaction for ALL parties
  • collaboration process with no posturing or confrontations
  • state-of-the-art interactive interface
  • simultaneous online responses in real-time avoiding phone tag
  • no solution declared without explicit acceptance by all parties
  • unattended, automated process for simple cases
  • facilitated process for more complex cases
  • choice of visible proposals or blind acceptance
  • support for multiple quantitative or qualitative issues
  • support for multiple parties
  • less than half the cost of litigation

A team of certified Smartsettle facilitators are available to assist with any type of problem.