Peacemaker, Problem-Solver, Facilitator, Analyst

Paul Miniato is a top level Certified Smartsettle Facilitator and has a Certificate in Conflict Resolution with a Specialization in Negotiation from the Justice Institute of BC, Canada. From 2007 to 2015 Paul has combined the technical knowledge of a Senior Systems Analyst at iCan Systems Inc. with the empathic listening skills of a facilitator. It is this unique combination of relational and technical skill that Paul brings to the negotiation table.

Paul has over four decades of successful experience in the software industry, in applications ranging from banking to music to geophysics, employing platforms from embedded microprocessors to mainframes. His interest in the application of mathematics to dispute resolution began in 1995 when he used a simulated-annealing program to resolve the allocation of 20 properties in a recreational land development project